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Innovation is bringing great ideas to life.

With the right innovation strategy, you could unite your organisation, government or economy to deliver dream products, high profits and happy people.

With innovation, on 20 July 1969 the USA landed on the moon.

The results are evident.

You can do better.

Enhance Freedom to Innovate Framework

What is the freedom-to-innovate Programme?

A programme developed by our innovation experts for a post-pandemic world.

The programme is the result of masses of research and consultancy projects.

The programme will enable you to:

  • Unite your people on a common purpose and activity: innovation
  • Remove the barriers that are preventing innovation and success
  • Create superior products by multiplying your innovation by up to 10 times (more ideas, more solutions and so much more)
  • De-risk innovation and enable ideas to easily cross TRLs and the valley of death
  • Maximise profits by reducing development time and resource usage by as much as 75%

The Freedom-to-Innovate Programme is described in the 4 videos below (total run time = 8 minutes).


When the excuses disappear and you allow everyone to do what they do best, happily.

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Leaders must provide their organisation with strategic direction and clear the way for people to innovate. This often involves changing attitudes, thinking patterns, and behaviours. There are many intertwined barriers to innovation. For innovation to be successful they need to be understood, unwoven and addressed.

Key workshops

pushing the boundaries with freedom to innovate

We’re proud of the lasting impact we have on engineering organisations. They continue to push the boundaries with freedom to innovate.

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Clear purpose and alignment that lets your people go over and beyond of their own accord

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Instilling passion and energy in an organisation is a tremendous task, but it will affect every measure of success you can imagine. To do so you must unite your organisation with a powerful vision, and fulfil your customers’ dreams.

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Bringing great ideas to life with a scientific process that delivers solutions you can be confident in

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Problems should be solved with pace, desire and energy. At the same time you need organised learning to be built into the process. This will allow you to develop high-confidence solutions and make better design decisions. You will subsequently, prevent delays, design issues, rework and all of the costs involved!

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Dream products, high profits, and happy people

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Industry leadership is a dream. But with rapid innovation and superior products it’s possible. Particularly, when you have an innovation strategy and system that delivers valuable solutions while constantly reducing wasted time and resources.

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we support engineering

We will help a number engineering organisations achieve freedom to innovate this year. Your organisation could be one of them. If you’re interested, let’s talk.

In a short call we can clarify a strategy for you.

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The repeatedly failed alternative solution

  1. Leaders attend a mixed bag of training courses ran by veterans
  2. Leaders read articles and 5* books on various subjects connected with leadership/business/engineering/innovation etc. and take notes
  3. Leaders string together the ideas into a strategy and deliver PowerPoint presentations to get support
  4. Other stakeholders and groups try to influence the strategy for their various, conflicting political interests
  5. A transformation initiative is eventually setup with a change management plan and budget for training, events etc.
  6. People attend training and events but are not convinced by the incoherent strategy, and resist/struggle with the extra work which doesn’t provide them with tangible benefits
  7. The costs involved are huge, and the leader’s integrity and reputation are damaged due to the negative effects on projects and financial metrics

You don't need more Tools Tactics Tasks

You need an innovation system.

A system that unites your people and provides them with the freedom and support they need.

A system that creates a burning ambition to produce the remarkable.

A system that enables scientific problem solving, organised learning and rapid innovation.

A system that delivers results.

Design Innovation Triangle

We can help you become an
innovation architect

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