Leading Innovation Through a Crisis

This book will help you:

  • Be positive, despite the negativity
  • Relax your mind by reading something creative
  • Ask the right questions to improve your situation
  • Turn problems into opportunities

Click the link above to access the eBook. You do not need to input any details to access this resource. You can keep your own copy by selecting download and choosing a location under the ‘save as’ option.   


You will not be asked for any details to access this resource.

 If you’re proficient in the English language and an average-paced reader, you should finish it before your coffee goes cold.

Our mission is to give engineering organisations freedom to innovate. To do that we help in many ways. We provide free content to help you deal with the issues you’re facing and get to know us, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

No, it’s FREE with no strings attached.

Please share the ebook with other innovation leaders that you know, and if you get a chance give us some feedback (no pressure); we’re human, so we feel happy when someone says ‘thank you’.

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