Exclusive live workshop

The 13 Reasons



And 4 Steps to help you overcome initiative indigestion, magnetise buy-in, and instil confidence in your engineering leadership

Audience: Selected Senior Engineering Leaders and Executives

Struggling with failing change initiative which you know are of strategic importance ?

Worried that your initiatives are falling behind and will most likely be scrapped, compromising all the learning and hard work you've done

Trying to make do with insufficient/over-burdened staff who are not keen on 'additional work'?

Concerned about dwindling confidence in your leadership and your reputation?

Get ready to enhance

your engineering System

And say goodbye to initiative indigestion forever

Engineering organisations run initiatives all the time to level-up their systems, processes and people. But, most change initiatives fail to deliver the benefits that they promise. Over-promise and under-deliver is the norm, so people expect initiatives to fail and are often unwilling to support them. With every failed initiative, confidence in the leadership decreases, and it may leave you feeling unable to really drive change. To overcome this challenge requires understand and resolve.

On Thursday, 14th October 2021 we’re hosting an Exclusive 1-hour Live Workshop with Dr Mo Khan, titled: “The 13 reasons engineering initiatives fail”.


In just 55 minutes you’ll learn how to:

Dr Mo Khan Business

Dr Mo Khan is an international expert in Lean Innovation.
He completed his PhD at the prestigious Cranfield University in 2012. Dr Mo is also an author and speaker on the subject, and is known to many as the Innovation Doctor.

The workshop is based on:

  • Lots of academic research into change initiative successes and failures
  • £20M of research spend to study hundreds of engineering environments and attitudes towards change
  • Dr Mo Khan’s Phd in Lean Product Development and its successful implementation in Rolls-Royce and other engineering companies
  • 10 years of running workshop-based change programmes and delivering culture change and financial ROI in engineering organisations across the world from San Diego, USA to Melbourne, Australia.

We’ll also be sharing some powerful innovation secrets and show you how you can step above the competition by preventing engineering problems, enhancing your innovation system, and get recognised for truly transforming your business.

This is an interactive workshop, not a lecture or a sales pitch. You will not be asked to buy anything at the end. If you like what you hear, we can talk more.

You will come away from the workshop with:


  • Ideas to help you overcome initiative indigestion and enhance your own specific situation
  • At least 3 things that you need to do right now to improve your leadership, influence, engineering productivity, projects, and profits
  • A roadmap towards magnetic initiatives and your own Elite Engineering System

Book it in your calendar

4 – 4:55pm BST (UTC+1) on Thursday, 14th Oct. 2021

5 – 5:55pm CEST (UTC+2)

10 – 10:55am EST (UTC-5)

8 – 8:55am PDT (UTC-7)


We will also be sharing a case study of an American Fortune 100 engineering organisation that we united using our Freedom Framework and innovation workshops. They went from $3.278 in revenue to $4.768 billion in just 1 year!

This is not a public event and you may only attend if you have been personally invited.

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