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We use games to make innovation profitable

Leading innovation is not easy; you must be optimistic, intelligent, and bold. But when innovation is side-lined, too costly, or does not deliver a return, it becomes constrained and undervalued, and so do you. The fun and excitement disappears, and innovation becomes a chore. We can help you change all that, unlock the true innovation potential of your organisation, make an impact and deliver results that cannot be overlooked.

We Make Innovation Fun

The Enhance ROI Roadmap for 2021

What worked before Covid-19 isn’t working, the world is changing – very fast.

At Enhance, we have studied how organisations have responsed to Covid-19, and developed a New Roadmap to help Engineering Organisations exploit the opportunity and build their innovation capabilities, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and ensure profits going forward.

Our Workshops

what makes us different?

And what does it mean for you.

we lead innovation with advanced strategies

Innovation leaders follow our experts and our ideas.

we have phds

You need the support of experts with deep knowledge.

We use games to drive change

The measurable success of our clients is our priorty.

we are engineers

You can be confident we'll get into the details.

we focus on results & impact

You need solutions that deliver ROI and do not add extra work .

our methods are applied

our clients continue to apply our methods long after we've finished.

trusted to deliver

We respect our clients, their plans and their projects. We develop a thorough understanding of each client scenario, before determining the course of action. Results follow.

CMI Operator
I am very satisfied with the work that you did. You did a very good job.
VP Engineering & Dep. CTO
CMI (Cockerill)
What you provided to us was really good. Much better than what we expected.
Lean Engineering Leader
Solar Tubines HQ San Diego
I've read a lot of books about Set-Based Engineering. What your game does, is provide a simple framework to help apply it.
Engineering Director
Solar Turbines

Our Projects & Industries

See how we’ve helped Ambitious Engineering Organisations achieve extraordinary outcomes.

next generation aircraft


gas turbines


jet engines


Power distribution




Future cockpits


Our Experts

A truly unique group of engineers, passionate about bringing great ideas to life and committed to your innovation success.

Dr Mo Khan

dr mo khan

Training & Consultancy Director

Sean Hart

Project Manager

Dr Endris Kerga

Big Data & Lean Innovation Coach

Years of Research
$ M
years of service
ROI for clients
$ M
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