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game Objectives

  1. Test your skills by solving a simple airplane design problem

  2. Demonstrate the challenges of meeting customer requirements

  3. Understand the limitations of a typical design strategy

  4. Realise the cost and time implications without using set-based design (and the impact on ROI!)
  5. Appreciate the need for a better way
Lego engineer in hangar
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the rules

In teams of 2-4 players, you must:

  • Design a profitable plane that meets 5 customer requirements and associated technical requirements (provided below)
  • Divide and build the four parts: body, wings, tail and cockpit, each with their own Lego bricks (& colours)
  • Work as a team, with 1 design lead to manage the Lego (online builder), and everyone responsible for a part
  • Once you have a solution you are confident in, present it to the ‘Customer’ for testing

You win when you provide a solution that meets the requirements!

airplane geometry

Airplane Geometry

Customer requirements

SBD Game Reqs 8
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Points on body: pb = no. of points on the body

Points on wing: pw = no. of points on one wing piece

Points on tail: pt = no. of points on one tail piece

Number of PassengersP = number of points on body * 3

Weight of airplane: wa = total no. of points (pb + pwtc) * 100 

Weight of passengerswp = P * 60 (assuming 60kg/passenger)

Total weight: (W) = weight of airplane (wa) + weight of passengers (wp)

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